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Hriday's Background

Jalpaiguri Hriday

Jalpaiguri HridayJalpaiguri HRIDAY has started his journey from 2003 for the overall development of the poor backward and downtrodden class o people and on 23rd January’ 2006 the organization had registered under West Bengal Society Registration Act (Reg. No. S/IL/34460/2005-06). The concept of formation of this organization was raised among the community people when some AIDS death cases occurred in the community. Those people were borne and spent their childhood in that community. At that time one Kolkata based organization was working among the Female Commercial Sex Worker in Dinbazar Redlight Area of Jalpaiguri district. But due to non satisfactory work of that organization and by seeing those AIDS death cases the community people realized the original felt need and importance of this HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme and decided to form an organization for their self betterment.


Some power holding community people called MADAM with the help of some like minded technical person / professionals who have been working in HIV/AIDS field since from a long period, formed this organization by taking help from different stakeholders like some political persons, Local Power Groups, Local Youth club members, some intellectuals and Govt. officials in district and state level and started working for the betterment of the beneficiaries.   


Finally in the month of January ‘2006 by crossing several hurdles the community people met their dreams by forming the organization named JALPAIGURI HRIDAY- a Community Based Organization which is dedicated and committed to work among the Female Commercial Sex Worker of North Bengal for their overall development.


The aim of HRIDAY is to strengthen the capacity of poor and backward class of people who are vulnerable and at risk (HRG). The organization pursued its objectives to enhance leadership quality of the Target Group (TG) and empowered them for the sustainability of the program. HRIDAY always focused on innovative approaches to address the constraints and need of the target beneficiaries and also contribute effort to strengthen CBO-Government partnerships for HIV/ AIDS prevention, care, and/or treatment and other health related issues, Education and Environment.


The most significant thing of HRIDAY is a well blended governance structure of Community People and Technical Persons. All the Board members are from the community and they take the final decision regarding any matter related to the organization. The technical persons play the role of a Torch Bearer.


We Are Concerned With...



Save Tiger

tigerSave the tiger. Tiger is a wild spcies and very beautiful animal as well as a national namimal, which is symbol of courage and power.

Plant Tree

treesEvery day number of trees disappear from the face of the earth. When there are other ways of generating paper products, trees are still being used largely.

Go green: Save the trees 

Demand Dignity

hrAll human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.