Monday, January 22, 2018

we are constructing a building with financial assistance of The Government of Japan (Consulate General)

At present, HIV in India is considered to be a “concentrated epidemic” with high-risk group including “core” groups and Female Commercial Sex Workers belongs in the first priority list of the core group because from the epidemiological perspective, approaches require a focus on containing the transmission of HIV from sex workers to the general population. Today HIV / AIDS is not only a health issue but also a developmental issue in our country. To fight against HIV / AIDS properly it is not sufficient to execute only STD & HIV / AIDS Project. If we can build a strong Launching_Project“Coordination & Networking” system between our different departments to make the services available to the beneficiaries, it will be much easier to us to fight collectively against AIDS.
During long courses of our intervention period, the organization has observed that, science having several resources a good number of beneficiaries are not availing it consistently and the reason behind that most of our service delivery stations are scattered. For our beneficiaries the issue was to assemble all the service delivery points under a single roof for the beneficiaries so that they can fulfill their need by easily access their required services from one common place.

Keeping all these in mind, we are constructing a building with financial assistance of The Government of Japan (Consulate General)., where a standard waiting room with toilet and drinking water facility, one room for emergency service, separate treatment and counseling section, record rooms, separate storage sections for medicine and condom, one rooms for standard laboratory facility, four rooms for different service delivery station, two training hall for training / capacity building programme (with 40 seat capacity), one room for library, , one dining hall, one kitchen, one community hall for the target community, one garages space  for ambulance(two ambulance at a time), one generator space and one room for security guard. Along with this one standard ground facility will be there to conduct any outdoor programme like community fare, exhibition on health / education / other social issues etc for the beneficiaries.  This will be an ideal model to provide support and services systematically to the beneficiaries in a better way.

Overall Goal

Bring the Community Empowerment for developing the knowledge about the importance of Health and Education and also the importance of Programme sustainability in the life of target beneficiaries by providing all the service facilities in a common space.  Objectives

1. To construct a building where all the required services will be available for the beneficiaries for their overall sustainable development.Launching_Project_1

2. To minimize stigma and discrimination by providing a stigma and discrimination free space for the target beneficiaries and prepare them to  come under the mainstream of the society. 

3. To minimize the dropout rate amongst the children of slum dwellers and also to increase the rate of school goers 

4. To increase the enrollment rate and ensure the retention rate of the students in Non Formal Education classes.

5. To increase the orientation level of the parents of the underprivileged children about the importance of the education programme through Strategic trainings   

6. To increase the testing and treatment seeking behaviour amongst the beneficiaries who are at risk and also to develop their knowledge to complete the treatment cycle 

7. To develop the knowledge to ensure community empowerment and also to orient them to bring the programme sustainability.

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