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Recruitment for the post of ORW

Recruitment Notice

Jalpaiguri HRIDAY calls for an interview for the post of Out Reach Worker for PPTCT Programme at Maldah district, Uttar Dinajpur district, Darjeeling district and Jalpaiguri district. The candidates are requested to contact with biodata with in 18th oh January’ 2012 at administrative of Jalpaiguri HRIDAY, Ukil Para, Jalpaiguri. For details please visit  

Selection Criteria

  • Qualification:  Outreached workers should be educated at least up to eight standards with reasonable writing and communication skills.  ·
  • Preference: Preference should be given to the community of people who are infected or affected with HIV/AIDS. A person affected with HIV/AIDS may be the spouse or the son/daughter of a person infected with HIV/AIDS. It is preferred if the person is a female so that she can connect better with the pregnant mother.
  • Desirable: It is desire that Out Reach Worker have a medical background like ANM and is women.                                                                          ·
  • Area of recruitment: Desirably from the project site/district.· Package: Rs. 4000 (Four Thousand) per month. 

Duties of the Outreach Workers:

  •  Mobilize pregnant women for Prevention of Parent to child transmission ( PPTCT) Services by visiting the homes of pregnant women and liaise with key functionaries such as the ANM, accredited social health activists (ASHAs) and Anganwadi Workers (AWWs).· Follow up HIV positive women so as to ensure institutional delivery and antiretroviral (ARV) prophylaxis to both the mother and the baby. This will include regular monthly home visits from the second trimester onwards and weekly visits in the last month of pregnancy as per the schedule of home visits. Consent has to be obtained from ICTC counselors before carrying out home visits.· Identify a family member whom the HIV positive women can share her mental and emotional agony and who will be a source of support and strength for her.· Ensure that HIV positive mother and the baby are linked with the nearest ART centre.· Outreach workers should attend the meeting held by village health committee to establish linkage between NGO and NRHM.· Follow up the mother-baby pair till 18 months after delivery imparting knowledge on immunization, infant feeding option as well as HIV testing for the baby. Make home visit as per the schedule to ensure that the babies are brought for testing to the ICTC at the age of 6 (six) weeks, 6 (six) months, 12(twelve) months and 18(eighteen) months. The flowchart is given below:  · Responsibility of the ORW includes upkeep of any project assets assigned by the SR from the PR for the purpose of performing their assigned duties as per the requirement. Any loss or damage of such asset or assets by the ORW/PCO/NGO will result in recovering the cost of such assets from the respective resource person or agency.· Adapt to new methodologies and technology intervention which may be introduced in the project for building in the required efficiencies in operations, reporting, monitoring and evaluation (Necessary training & capacity building will be provided to the ORWs to perform the assigned task)

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